It is difficult to draw an exact profile of the artist Raffaello Bongini.

To express himself in his works, he seems to use a different language depending on his mood, interests, inspiration of a particular moment.

Raffaello follows different roads that lead him to range from "abstract" to the meticulous "figurative", from "expressionism" to the Florentine school of "impressionism".

His works are executed by passing from a "material" painting with explosive chromatic aberration to the subtle and veiled drafts almost ethereal that we find in the "drawings", watercolours and even in some "oil" paintings.

The themes covered are the most diverse. Ranging from the analytical "sill lifes" to others echoing impressionism, with landscapes that remind us of the Florentine school "macchiaioli" of the Nineteenth century, or certain "interpretations" of masterpieces by Caravaggio and Raphael. He descends into abstract compositions that border on the informal.

Since childhood, Raffaello has had "confidence" with the "crafting tools" (pencils, tempera colours, paint brushes, oil colours) because the family context led him to it quite naturally (his father is an architect and painter, and mother of Bulgarian nationality, is a painter of sacred icons).

Despite having done studies outside the scope of art, ever since middle school he has been interested in art exhibitions and museums.

However the spark of creativity and vocation for painting became a flame and then a roaring fire, when 13 years ago, after a visit to the Pitti Gallery in Florence and the exhibition of Pietro Annigoni, he was "stunned" by the sight of the "Portrait of Cardinal Inghirami” by Raphael. From that moment, his painting activity moved from sporadic to part of his daily routine. Since then he has tried to recuperate, like Proust,  "le temps perdu”. He immersed himself in the reading of literary texts, history, art history and philosophy to "understand" more.

The enthusiasm that he puts into everything related to the arts borders on frenzy and fury.

Over the past few years he has attended courses of artistic anatomy, nude courses at academies and accredited establishments.

He has exhibited at various exhibitions since 2005 (Città di Castello, Sansepolcro, Arezzo, Siena, in Sofia (Bulgaria) where he was born on the 9th January 1974.

After these 13 years since the day of the "revelation" at the Pitti Gallery, Raffaello has reached his maturity.

He still follows many paths, and uses seemingly different languages, almost antithetical. Nevertheless, whoever looks intently at his paintings will get a glimpse of his "calligraphy", his "figure" and personality that always tends to "experiment" and study.